Thursday, July 23, 2015

Date Night

 Mark has been very busy with work lately. So we picked Tuesday night to be our date night. I wanted to do something active, but something fun as well. Also something that we've never tried before. So we loaded up Valerie's clubs and Mark's golf clubs, and went to Spanaway to hit a bucket of balls together. This was my first attempt at hitting a golf ball. It was surprisingly hard but I managed in the end to feel a bit more comfortable and the ball ended up further than just 2 feet in front of me. I've always thought that golf just isn't for me because of my big breasts ( hard to get a good swing) but it wasn't actually that hard, when I learned how to swing properly.  It was a lot of fun. After we went to The Ram for dinner. We sat in the bar and watched the end of the Mariners game and had good conversation that didn't revolve around our relationship or our inadequacies. I call that a success! I have so many insecurities that it's really hard for me to handle the whole date without questioning what he's thinking, what he's thinking of me, or how he's feeling. 

On another note Charlie found a huge bag of Legos that used to be Ethan's  and she has enjoyed putting different sets together. She does really well at following the directions, and has been having a blast. Pretty sure my dining room table is going to look like this for at least another month! The kids have done a fantastic job of staying busy, not screaming about how bored they are (last summer it was bad), and found ways to entertain themselves this summer. It makes it a lot easier on Mark and I to work and flip schedules like we do when the kids aren't complaining about being bored. We are all very excited about Silverwood in a week and a half and can't wait to spend some time with my brother, Kat and their kids! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Monday

Perfectly lazy day today. Charlie chose to have Lanie over to play. The girls did great today. Charlie notices the age differences occasionally but still does a great job on allowing Lanie to make the plans. Val's friend is still here so Charlie wanted to have a friend over too. Ethan loves it when Brandi is here because they all end up staying up and playing xbox, or board games. When school starts, Val and Brandi both want to be Ethan's 9th grade mentor. Val was actually being serious too. So sweet! I made a super healthy meal of steak, steamed broccoli, and roasted squash! Yummy. Tomorrow I might head over to the naked spa for some me time!!! Can't wait.....

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Jason and Chris invited us to a Raniers game! Thanks to Jason's work we got free entrance, free parking, free beer, alcohol, Pepsi, water, popcorn, peanuts, and pretzels. We were granted access to the Summit Club throughout the whole game. It was awesome. Our seats down below were in 96% weather on the first baseline, but around the 7th inning we ditched them and headed up to the club level. Club level was out of the sun, and out of the way of fly balls! We had a great time with them and wish we could spend more time with them again soon. We will have to plan on the boys (Seth and Ethan) meeting since they are the same exact age!

After we got home we rounded the kids up (we have an extra again--Brandi) and took them over to Jers pool for some fun. We are hot dogs and the kids swam while the adults searched for their spirit animals. Jer  and I will have sore arms tomorrow because we swung the jump rope for the kids for quite a few times. Jaxon and Charlie learned how to jump in when the rope is already turning, Charlie jumped 35+ times in a row, and the older kids jumped three at a time!!!! Awesome family time. Never a dull minute when are kids get together!