Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy Veterans Day

It was a wonderful day all around! We celebrated our veterans by going to Charlie's assembly last week, where she dressed in camo pants and applied several patriotic tattoos to her body. She was so cute. She loves music class, and even spends a ton of time with her door closed listening to her radio. She interviewed her Grandpa Wegley about his time spent in the Air Force, and than sang the Air Force Anthem to him on Sunday. 

Yesterday we chose to steal the kids away from the house and their electronics, and take a car trip to Monroe to the Reptile Museaum. Everyone time we go they are working on new displays and have changed things up so we feel like we are seeing new animals every time. Thanks to GROUPON we got in for cheap, and left with another stuffed addition to our family! Mr Albino Alligator! Ethan wasn't too excited about going but he agreed and off we went. We played quiz questions in the car and on the way back listened to everyone's "inspiring/motivating" song choice. Two of my children listen to way too much Spanish/Catalonian music. Here is that list:

Charlie- Shut Up and Dance with Me by Walk the Moon
Ethan- Danza Kuduro by  Don Omar
Valerie- La Flama by Obrint Pas
Me- Come Walk with Me Now by Kongos
Mark-Closer to the Edge by Thirty Seconds to Mars

After the Reptile Zoo we went to the Tullalip Casino and outlet mall. Charlie asked if after dinner she could play the slot machines. I told her she is underage and in the State of Washington it is illegal for her to play them. She said, "we need a new President, Obama doesn't let us do anything!" Soooo funny! 

When we got home we all rushed to get our PJ's on and headed to the couch to watch the new documentary about RENALDO. I'm so glad my kids have different interests because I would've never watched this on my own. It was really good. I hope he wins the Ballon d'Or this year! 

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Our first homecoming. For all of us. Ethan's friend from junior high, McKenzie asked him to the dance. He was excited to be able to go with all his friends. I had never gone to a dance before so getting a tux, planning the night, and the things that I should and shouldn't do were foreign to me. After all said and done, Ethan and McKenzie had a great time, looked fabulous, and got to party with their friends. Mark and I on the other hand, were able to have a fun date while  we drove them all around. It was fun to see Ethan in action. He was very nervous, but a true gentleman! He opened her car door every chance he got, which made her giggle! 

They at at a Pho place by 512 (her pick)
We ate at Taco Time (my pick)

They had Baskin and Robbins
We waited in the car, and got gas

They went to the dance 8-11p
We went to a movie

Now leave us alone mom, and NO you can't come in and take pictures at the dance! Sad mom!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Things that make you go, Hmm?

Some changes lately in our lives occurred right at the end of September, early October. My papa Nagel was hospitalized for cardiac arrhythmia and nutrition. I loved having him at GSH because I was able to see him three days in a row! I helped my mom connect with the social worker and they were able to get him some much needed services. He is weak, been hospitalized a second time, and been transferred to a nursing home. I hope he gets stronger and ends up back home with grandma GiGi. She hates not having someone around to mess with-ha ha! 

We purchased another Honda! Mark now drives around a Honda Civic. Super cute, small, and very fancy. I like having two cars but I miss him driving to work with me in the mornings. The first week I was late three days. Oops. I figured it out this week! Now I sneak out of work early (15 min) or on time and get home at 745;) The Civic is fun to drive, and apparently preferred use of transportation when our kids are going out on a date.

My daughter dyed her hair blue. She HATES to be called smurfette.

My son, and us, experienced homecoming (and everything it entails) and the start of my sons dating life. He asked a different girl out tomorrow too!

Ethan got rid of his bunk bed! He is so much happier now. 

Charlie is growing by leaps and bounds (almost caught up to gma).
Conferences on all three kids went so well! Everyone is doing what they need to do!

Snapchat is my new friend because I can take silly selfies.