Monday, January 19, 2015

Road To The Super Bowl 49

What a ride! I doubted. The score backed my assumptions up with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Hawks then did what they do best, changed the game, came to the game, and closed the gap. Overtime, thanks to the coin toss, produced a touchdown and the game was over. The crowds were on fire, firework shots were heard around the community, the little ones blowing their whistles as loud as they could, and Wilson was on the sidelines crying. We were all over the living room, screaming in disbelief and excitement, high fives thrown around the room, and I believe Jeremy picked up Kat and threw her around the room too like one of those plastic footballs (okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration). A day later and we are still shocked, except for Mark who knew the whole time that the Hawks would not be defeated by some cheesy plays from Green Bay. Either way the Seahawks played strong and we are the P-R-O-U-D-E-S-T fans of all. In two weeks, we'll meet back at Jer's house, wearing the same clothes, eating the same foods, and cheering on the same team who can change a score of 16-7 to 22-22 in a matter of four minutes.

Money bet was given too:
1st Quarter- Bill $20
2nd Quarter- Kennedy $20
3rd Quarter- CJ $20
4th Quarter- Mark $40

Sunday, January 18, 2015

7th and Counting

Little Lady turned 7! Where did the years go? It was just yesterday that I was on the Post Partum unit holding her, and being invited by the nursing staff to come join the Labor and Delivery unit. We loved spending two nights together with just her! I remember Mark even made sure the car was clean when we took her home. From day one she ruled the roost. We took turns sleeping on the couch watching her and making sure she wasn't going to choke and turn blue again like she did in the hospital. She made us nervous for about a week. After that we spent our days in bed, from the moment the kids went to school till they got home, holding her, bonding, and enjoying the time we had together. One of the most relaxed I have ever been. Money was tight, but we were okay with that. It was a sacrifice moving home, having a baby, and trying to adjust in our new jobs. Since then we continue to be amazed by her. She truly is a perfect combination of us both, plus she has an incredible personality to boot.

On January 4th we had a pizza party
with cake and ice cream and then to the movies to see Night at the Museum 3. What a blast to see these little one sit in the huge AMC seats.


24th- Wegley Christmas. Grandma was even gracious enough to help Charlie make cookies for Santa!

25th- Nagel Christmas at our house because both mom and dad had pneumonia. Ended up working 3-730! Wonderful time with family

Date Night

Charlie and Owen's very first date was going to see Santa and eating at Red Robin, so we decided to recreate it this year! The kids are crazy about each other so letting them spend time together is a treat for all of us. They were chaperoned by all of us. Charlie loves him but is worried about changing her last name. I told him she can always hyphenate it:)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Trippin South

Spontaneous. Crazy. Fun.

Our trip to Portland was on a whim, right before the holidays. We drove there, just Mark and I, spent the night at the Crystal Ballroom, soaked in the enormous spa, listened to some Ben Union solo tunes till the clock struck midnight, ate a wonderful breakfast, browsed Powell's, and then headed back to reality.

It was a beautiful getaway and one of the best times I've had with Mark in Portland. He read to me for three hours in the car on the way there and on the way back (probably so he didn't have to see my bad driving). I hope he relaxed as much as I did in the 24 hours we had together.

In the few hours we had together we loved a lifetime's worth. -Sarah Connor

We'll Be Back!