Saturday, September 26, 2015

Birthday Loving

We did a lot for Mark's birthday this year. I bought him lots of gifts:
Xbox 1 Madden Game
Jacket (didn't fit so Ethan got it)
And tickets to see Tesla, Styx, and Def Leppard in concert at the White River Amphitheater!

We went, we didn't have the best seats, but we had fun listening to our old high school love and rock and roll songs. It's amazing how many lyrics I made up! It Bites! I was singing watermelon to most of the songs, even the ones I thought I knew. Some songs even brought up some old memories of boyfriends past and hubby present! I remember years ago driving to Grants Pass, along the scenic byways, with Mark blasting a few Def Leppard tunes. I was Pour-ing my voice out to the tunes, while secretly wishing Mark thought I could sing. I'm glad we could get Rocked together, both then and now! Happy 43rd, you Rascal!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Employed Bro

All grown up! She finished her training and is officially the best landing girl ever. Landing is where they place on the toppings to a pizza. She isn't too keen on the hot ovens or folding boxes but she loved one thing...her first paycheck! We went to the bank immediately and opened up her own checking account. Her first paycheck, checking account, and debit card. She is currently saving for a nice computer, then maybe a car and college! I am so proud of her for keeping her grades up, keeping her responsibilities up at home, and working hard at her job. 

Western Washington Fair

I do love September because of the colors, the weather, schools in session, and of course....SCONES! You thought I was going to say the Fair, huh? No, I could do without the noise, the cows (been hiding that secret from Mark for years), the crowds, and the hobby hall...oops, that cat is out of the bag too! Actually this year the hobby hall wasn't too boring, plus it leads straight into the As Seen on TV barn (or so it feels like). We had a great time, for the second year in a row, on Multicare's dime! They gave us free entrance for everyone, one ride each, and $10pp meal vouchers! Awesome, and thank you Mr. CEO!!! We had some Seahawks lemonade, scones, elephant ears, burgers, garlic fries, cow chip cookie and a bit of yummy healthy soup from a Vitamix demonstration (want one but refuse to pay 400)! We split up for awhile (that's when Charlie and I ate the yummy cow chip) and the older two went to the Star Wars exhibit, and Charlie begged to ride the gondola across the fairgrounds. When paid for the ride, and then waited for our turn. Charlie realized a little too late that the ride was somewhat scary. We waited in line for a good 15 minutes longer just so she could get her courage up to step inside the egg shaped gondola. Once in she was amazed at the views (she even spotted my work in the background)! We went to the outside nature exhibit, under the grandstand stores (where I belted out the Heart song that was being sung in the background), the cows/strange animals of the world/horse barns, and unfortunately missed the art gallery;( 

It was a great, tiring night! Love nearly every minute of it. Of course we ended our night with the traditional .25 foot massage!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

First Day of School

We are finally at O-N-L-Y two schools this year! Yahoo.

 Valerie isn't too excited about her year since she selected hard courses. She has already been working hard to complete her summer course work before the first day. She even signed up to work/help new freshman, transition. She is excited to see her friends though. From what I've heard so far she has made Ethan feel extremely welcome and invites him and his friends to have lunch with her daily. She loves her brother so much. She actually thinks he's cool too. What a great big sister. Don't mess with Ethan or you'll have Val to deal with! She is still working the LC and today should be her 1st payday (only 1 week though). She recently discovered Offer Up and has been selling her used stuff for money. She is extremely intelligent, fun loving, and kind hearted. I love my baby girl so much and am so proud of her!

Ethan is enjoying H.S. and his new found freedom! He gets nervous about directions but I think he will get the hang of it soon enough. He is my super social, I can talk to anyone, bug. He plans to play soccer in the spring but for the fall he is just going to adjust to the new school. He just got a new bed last week, full size for his ever changing/growing body. Oh and he purchased his own Xbox One with money that he had stashed in a shoe box in his closet. Saver, spender, sweet sweet mini man!

Charlie, my baby baby looked anything BUT a baby on her first day. She looked like a little lady. She was excited to return. She wanted to see all her old friends, make new ones, and start filling people's buckets. She met her teacher the night before and then paraded me around to everyone of her pullout teachers to talk to them. She loves the library and spent about 10 minutes chatting up the librarian. She has already come home with her first library checked book. She dresses herself everyday and has recently started taking her own bath/showers. I have to double check her hair at times but we are so close to becoming self sufficient (a HAPPY and a SAD day for mom)! I love having this rule bending, eye lash flashing, trending fashionista girl so much that I have a hard time kicking her out of my bed at night. She too is growing longer, so time to make that girl sleep alone in her own giant queen size bed.

My first day back I went to the spa and have a Korean body scrub. My husband was so sweet to let me have this time away.