Monday, August 29, 2016

Hot August Nights


Our Wing Luke Experience was interesting. The kids had fun but they weren't super interested in most of the exhibits so we wandered around with them half looking. I would be very interested in going back to the Wing Luke when we get our Burke Museum passes. Thanks Shan for inviting us. Unfortunately we missed the train going there and had to drive. 

Ethan gets a day to cook us dinner! He chose Spinach Quiche, which is his favorite and mine. His recipe was perfect! It made a wonderfully yummy filling quiche that you would find in a small quaint bed and breakfast out in the country. 

International Geocaching day 2016. I had to work so Mark took the kids out in the hottest day of the year to find several caches in Decorsey Park. Some of these he had to get pretty physical...wish I was there for those!


Dentis and Doctor appointments are a must prior to staring school! Charlie is cavity free and the other two have one they needed filled last year...future appoints made for those. Charlie ht/wt is 70/80% on her growth charts! No immunization needed;)


Meet the teacher day was last Thursday. I was head over heels with this new one but we will see how the year plays out. She was able to see Lexi so that made the whole nerve wracking event so much better! She was even able to plan another play date for last Saturday. I really like her mom and her dad.    

Valerie made me an awesome breakfast in bed on Friday. I love her and feel very spoiled! The coffee was perfect, and the French toast casserole amazing. Loved the crunch it had to it since the sugar was given time to crystallize....heaven on my plate!


Planned this because my family loves movies outdoors and they love Dinosaurs. It was a free event at Tacoma's Lemay Car Museum! We parked around 530p, walked to the bookstore, then walked to Freighthouse square for dinner, and then went walked back to the car to set up for the movie. They had time to throw the  football back and forth and play alittle soccer before the movie started. It was a great outing that everyone enjoyed! I brought loads of blankets, pillows, popcorn for everyone, and wine (which went unopened because it was so cold).

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Museum Members



What a fun pleasant excursion we were invited to go along on today. We went with Shan and the kids to Portland OMSI and Powells! We had a great time relaxing, watching a Dinosaur IMAX, learning about life on Mars and as a astronaut, fetal development, fossils, science, technology, rockets, robotics, and tons of hands on playtime! We ate lunch at my favorite place....Baja Fresh. It was kids eat free Sunday so turned out super cheap, which reminded me of when my mom and dad would take us to Aztecca for free Sunday meals. We ended with about 2 hours atPowell's in Portland. Thanks to this adventure we are nowBurke  Museum members and can get in at various museums in Washington and other states. I can tell what we will be doing this excited! 

Goodbye Goliath

          Goliath born in November 2010 passed in August 2016. 6 years was not enough time with him. I thought we would be saying goodbye to him after all the kids had moved out of the house. I thought wrong. He was the nicest kitty. He tolerated Ethan and Charlies' shinanigans and loved Mark and Valerie to the max. Me, he loved sleeping in my underwear drawer whenever possible! We all miss him terribly­čÉ▒. He rests under our tree with Tom Morrello. I hope they are keeping each other company for the time being. Goliath thank you for being what we all needed. I will miss you poor kitty. I hope in your last moments you thought of us...we love you!

College Tour Day #3 #4

 Rise and shine Ethan!
 Her name as on the Welcome board
 Bobcat Pride
 A Lecture Hall
 Scene filmed in the movie "A River Runs Through It"
 Valerie Walt Whitman has something to say to you!
Apparently he told Ethan that You should go here!
 Museum of the Rockies
Watching a star gazing show
 Wheat berry Bakery and Deli...awesome pastries
 Our Lady of the Rockies
 Val bought herself these new Dinosaur Diggs!
 Geocaching at a rest stop! I made up reasons to stop;)
 Ferdinand's Ice cream made by WSU!
Cougar Stadium
Another Geocache right where we least expect it!

Day 3 was so exciting! I finally understood why Val wanted to go to MSU. The town was perfect, the college accessible, the people friendly, the environment perfect for excavations, retired professors such as Jack Horner (just found t-Rex heads while on a excavation), Museum of the Rockies, availability to declare Eath Science as her major and take all courses within that major for her pre med requirements! We took a tour of the campus, a residence hall tour, admissions orientation and spoke to a professor in Earth Sciences. It was so informative but not overwhelming. They will accept her AP courses so she will have potentially 24 credits start out her first year. I am sooooo proud of her for continuing on the path since birth. All her roads have led her here. Can't wait for her journey to begin! After touring campus we went to the Mueum of the Rockies and looked at their Pompeii exhibit and the Dinosaur Jack Horner Exhibit. It was awesome. Can't wait to go back next year. We out of there around 430p and went as far as we could to the little town of St Regis. We got a cheap hotel room, slept and then day 4 we toured WSU. We weren't as interested, or she wasn't, so we spent time only catching the highlights of WSU. We geocached a lot this day too. We got back into town around 830 and headed to our own beds that night. Goliath wasn't at home when we got there so we didn't sleep too well because we were worried about him. I checked the door three times that night;(