Monday, January 18, 2016

Lately Inspired

We are working on our bedroom finally! We have made small strides in the past such as the light above the bed, the bed itself, and the small recliner in our TV nook. At Christmas Mark purchased me my favorite rug for the tv room, and a set of three pictures of the boardwalk leading to the above water bungalows in Bora Bora. We have seen this set of pictures the last two years at the fair and have loved the peacefulness of them and had contemplated purchasing them, just never did. Now we own them and they are begging me to get them put up on the wall. I love them. They represent a time in the future when Mark and I will go to Bora Bora! I told him that I won't go till I get skinny so that I can wear a cute swim suit! They represent something to him too, I suppose! Anyways, I now have quite a few elements that are coming together to finish our room. Tomorrow I plan to spend some time at Bed Bath and Beyond searching for drapes and bedding. Offer up is also my go to store for cheap furniture that I can repurpose. I purchased our huge ikea Mirror from there. I love to roam around and see what I like and then get on Offer Up and search for the same item at a discounted price. The mirror was 99.00 at IKEA and it was 35.00 on Offer Up! What a savings. Above our some of my new inspirations. Aren't those white doggies so cute?

Happy Birthday Girlie

 I think this was the best venue for a birthday party since we started planning parties 16 years ago! It was so inexpensive and everyone loved it, even a few adults participated too. The kids got to skate for 4 hours, party in a private room for 45 minutes, and then they cleaned up everything for us. We provided the cake and they provided the pizza, pop, cups, plates, napkins, forks, and decorations! It was perfect! Charlie had all her "friends" there, which is her cousins, and she invited Owen. By the end of the skating session Charlie was skating without the white walker! She is amazing, fearless, smart, and beautiful. I am blessed beyond words!! There's nothing better than skating with friends and listening to good tunes...except maybe watching the Seahawks dominate the Cardinals while skating! Oh and it snowed on her birthday. She even got to sleep in the next day due to 2 hours late start.

Charlie presents by memory:
Doodle book
Reading book
Pink Flamingo
Mind craft box
Bracelet kit
Aqua Bots
Money from Kat and Jer
Money from Gpa and Gma

Monday, January 4, 2016

Lake Quinault Lodge

Happy New Years. Stole a few days away, for just US.
Love these crazy kids and my handsome husband. We had a relaxing time of it. Toasted the New Year in right! Charlie even managed to stay up till 1245, although Ethan was snoring by 10p. He was gone the whole week prior at a soccer camp so he was exhausted! 

Christmas 2015

Charlie leaves out meat and cheese for HER Santa

Ethan looking all awesome, starts with stockings!

Blessed by these Three

Charlies 1st Castle!
Valerie's first Mate gourd with a Bombilla
Valerie drew this free hand and colored it for me! A very special gift!

My new Pandora Charm from Mark

Eating with cousins at the kids table! 
My first Christmas off in a long while. It was a quick day of trying to relax with the whole family. We did our Christmas early around 730-9, the Wegley's from 1000-2p, and then the Nagel's from 3p-7p! It was fun though. I had an awesome Christmas full of lovely, thoughtful gifts from the kids and Mark! At the Wegleys we chose names and gave a 15.00 gift and then something used from our homes. I got a beautiful colbalt bowl from Mark's mom that belonged to his Grandma Abston's mother! In our family the adults exchanged names and played the white elephant game! We had some great unique gifts and we all had fun exchanging and stealing gifts. The gifts ranged from lotto tickets, towels, coloring books, adult games, Seahawk socks, to cold hard cash! I got new towels (perfect for the kids bathroom).  When Mom and dad went to see Grandma at the house we stayed behind with Shannon and Mike and toasted the holidays in Dixie cups. We couldn't find any cork removers or wine glasses.....we improvised!
She's so beautiful!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Seahawks vrs Cleveland Browns

Mark's Christmas gift from me was two tickets to the Seattle Seahawks vrs the Cleveland Browns on December 20th.  Christmas came early for us both! We drove up, stopped in Bellevue to pick up Valerie's shirt, and parked near Quiajimia for the game. It's a pretty straight distance From there to the stadium. There was so much green and blue everywhere. We played around in the 12th hall before going in and even got a free picture taken near the fake 12 flag. It was my very first game and we were lucky to get face value tickets from Vicki's friend who hold season tickets. We had a blast. 

CCC Christmas Concert

It was such a sweet concert and surprisingly more interesting than most I've been too. Their music teacher does a great job with all the kids in the school, regardless of the age. Lanie sang her heart out and even did the hand movements to every song. Ryan danced with a girl on stage during his portion. They both did great! Proud Auntie moments!