Monday, May 9, 2016

Planning and Planting

        I am privileged to work with a host of amazing landscapers, gardeners, and plant happy folks! I learn new techniques year after year and try new ideas each year. My favorite idea this year was planting with toilet paper. I put the seeds spaced out onto the toilet paper, folded it in thirds, gave it a squirt of water, and then planted the toilet paper seed tape in the ground in one long piece. I am hoping it leads to some straighter rows in my garden. I also changed up my shaded raised bed and put all my lettuce over there, except for two voluntary heads of lettuce that are growing near my herb garden! Next year I hope to use wood chips in my garden...

Cousins Rock

        Thank goodness she has cousins! She loves having sleepovers with them and we have sworn off sleepovers with anyone but the Cousins. She loves each of her cousins and they all get along so well when we have them over. Kylee still hasn't had a night over without crying to see her daddy but she is getting better. I love that our kids our such great friends. Kylee came with us to one of Ethan's soccer game, and then Saturday we got to see Ryan play in his soccer
game. The little ones learning new skills is such a fun thing to see. Ryan is doing great and his season is undefeated! Great Job, Kings! 

Yesterday we went to the Wegleys for Mumz Day. We
Didn't know the Boyetts were going to be there so it was a nice surprise. Charlie loves playing with Andie. They go into Grandma's back bed and talk, sing, and share secrets--so cute! 

My week off has been very busy so far:
We got the window on our van fixed, prepped Val for her AP test, went to muffins for mom, watched Ethan's last soccer game, had Valerie's friend Brandi over for two days, watched Ryan's soccer game, saw the Cortez's new house, had Lanie over for a night, went to the Wegleys, rearranged Charlie's bedroom (per her request), watched a movie, planted the garden, Mark cut down the blackberry fences, watered front and back, and now we are watching the nightly Jeopardy segment. I still have two days off...and they are already booked! 
   Found this little gem....couldn't find any pictures with me and my mom for some reason. My mom is awesome, sweet, and the best there is! For Mumz Day Shannon and I bought her a Ancestry DNA test! Hope she loves it!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Dance 2016

Valerie decided to go to her first formal this year because her friend Megan wanted to go. Ethan was quite the gentleman and told her that he would take her if she really wanted to go. My friend said that would be social suicide for both of them so she went with Megan instead. The girls looked absolutely beautiful.
We found her dress at Ross for $ 24.00-bargain. Kat came over and saved my butt by doing her hair and makeup. Her eyes lit up when she was finished getting ready. I believe every girl loves to feel like a princess every now and then, even my feminist girl! Grandpa Nagel bout her first corsage and I wish he had come out it on her but he wasn't feeling too well so he was waiting in the car. Oh shoot...we should've had grandpa drop them off in his fancy red car....🚗! They had fun...from what I hear they didn't dance at all though! What a beautiful woman you are becoming!!!

Final Day of Spring Break

April 10th-Tacoma Raniers started the Season off right. I think the game ended up being like 15-1! Dad treated the kids to a day at the Ranier's game. Although I think the little ones hung out at the new Mary Bridge Multicare Playground inside the stadium for most of the game. We took Ethan's friend from school because Valerie had already made plans to stay at a friends house. It was a nice game, very relaxing, and it was a day away from working on the front yard. Thank you dad for the tickets that was very thoughtful!

Here's a picture of our new Hydro seated front lawn. 

Monday, April 18, 2016


Our yard three years ago

My brother the landscaper!

I want to do this when the lawn comes in!

Apparently this is the same day 3 years ago that we beautified our lawn! My FB told me we are duplicating what was already done, but FB has no idea how bad the front yard was trashed. Literally parts were dead, black, and dry. My brother told me I would have to redo it or he would resign as our landscaper. Ha ha ha. He came over last Saturday around 0745, thatched our lawn three times, and started our transformation process. Harry and Arlene are always so helpful with these projects. I have to laugh though because I think it's just a way for Arlene to get Harry outside. They were amazing. They arrived with donuts at 0930 and never complained or acted like we owed them anything for helping. Unconditional love! Mark and I both know our strengths...I'm a starter and he's a finisher (he claims it's because I think these projects are easy and when they turn difficult, I beg for his help). He got home after working all morning and helped spread 2 yards of 3/1 soil. Our yard isn't perfect yet but it is on its way...we had it hydro seeded last Wednesday. Thank Jer for all you do for us. I hope that this grass makes you happy again.

PS I think Mark is going to kill me if I don't stop asking him to water the yard every second! Ha ha ha!

PSS Thank you Wegley's for helping us out!