Saturday, February 28, 2015

Preparing for Spring

Ripping out last years crop and preparing the beds for Spring was on my to do list. Scratched it off now. Although this sunshine is teasing me, I can't wait to plant my vegetables, tomatoes, asparagus etc...I hope this year is a successful year for my flower garden. Go away Mr Gopher! Keep your dirty mouth away from my begonias, gladiolus, and dahlias.

On this list of outside project:
More planting
No pruning this year
Get a different swing or fix ours
Complete side yard with gravel
Maybe lay some new dirt
Plant wildflowers out behind the back fence
Clean the deck
Redo the deck next year
Paint shed

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Parallel Universes

We are all dazed and confused. How could our beloved Wilson not hand the football to Lynch on the 1 yard line. Beast mode could've taken us to a back to back SB 49 win! Instead Im left creating, in my head, an alternative or parallel universe on which we did win SB 49. Isn't that what you are doing too? Mark has been a Seahawk fan since he was younger (he said this outcome is normal and happens throughout a teams life) but I have been a fan (or one who knows enough to get excited now) for the past two years. I love watching games with my family, and have enjoyed getting to know our players. The highs are addicting but the lows (first I've experienced since I came to care about the Hawks) are downright depressing. Another reason I've been replaying the last 30 seconds of the SB game. I'm glad that someone actually recreated the last 30 seconds showing us how we indeed won (on FB, can't figure out how to transfer it over). I believe in our Hawks, and trust their judgements but I needed to see it spun a different way too. Although It was a great season, I learned more about the game, am totally excited for next season, stoked for the draft, eager to watch our team head back to our next bowl, I am sad as well. Sad for our team that put their hearts and souls into winning! I know that Pete will help them through it, and that I will get to enjoy my favorite players for years to come!

I have to say one of my favorite parts of the Hawks is partying and watching the games at my brother's house. Thanks Jer for having us two weeks in a row!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Road To The Super Bowl 49

What a ride! I doubted. The score backed my assumptions up with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Hawks then did what they do best, changed the game, came to the game, and closed the gap. Overtime, thanks to the coin toss, produced a touchdown and the game was over. The crowds were on fire, firework shots were heard around the community, the little ones blowing their whistles as loud as they could, and Wilson was on the sidelines crying. We were all over the living room, screaming in disbelief and excitement, high fives thrown around the room, and I believe Jeremy picked up Kat and threw her around the room too like one of those plastic footballs (okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration). A day later and we are still shocked, except for Mark who knew the whole time that the Hawks would not be defeated by some cheesy plays from Green Bay. Either way the Seahawks played strong and we are the P-R-O-U-D-E-S-T fans of all. In two weeks, we'll meet back at Jer's house, wearing the same clothes, eating the same foods, and cheering on the same team who can change a score of 16-7 to 22-22 in a matter of four minutes.

Money bet was given too:
1st Quarter- Bill $20
2nd Quarter- Kennedy $20
3rd Quarter- CJ $20
4th Quarter- Mark $40