Monday, August 10, 2015


I don't have a lot happening this week since it is filled with 12 hours working at the hospital. I have managed to enjoy some free moments in between to think, relax, and even a quick dinner date with my man at a local taco bus (seriously was a bus). The food was yumm and I believe Mark said he was going to go there everyday for the street tacos. My backyard is a growing disaster. Tomatoes are coming out my ears and falling in the ground before I have a chance to save them. The rest of my garden needs tended too...maybe Friday I will find some time. Mark is wrapping up school at the end of this weekend and then will only have UMA for a month. I am so happy for him! I will try to abstain from making a honey do list so he can get reorganized, relax, and get ready for fall. Today I'm taking Charlie for some school supplies, running errands, changing the oven element, taking Val to drop off a application, and finding time to relax. 

Things that have worked with Mark this past week: Only texting in emoji's. That way we don't, or I don't, misinterpret what he is trying to say! I get to guess what he is saying.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Garden Trespassing

I've always wanted to stop at one of these community gardens...but was afraid that I would be yelled at for being in the garden. It turns out that I didn't get yelled out for being in the garden, but welcomed! I was told to enjoy and look around all I want. I talked to one of the garden plot owners for about 15 minutes on the process of community gardening. It fascinates me, plus I love seeing the garden as a whole. I love the weeds, dead vegetables, the growth of new ones, the colors and intensity of each color in the veggies, and then the amazing flowers (they love being together, veg-flowers that is) that live and breathe the same air. So peaceful! The cute garden benches, the plot signs, and Proctors' garden library inspires me. My heart is screaming "I want to belong. I want to have a little plot that others can admire." For me, it isn't about getting fruits or vegetables from a garden, it's about watching something grow!

 what are these flowers?

Mini Vacation Trip

north Bend, Wa.
ramada Inn

On the log ride together 
Hurry up mom and dad
From the parachute ride
Up on the parachute ride! Charlie prayed "oh Jesus please don't let me die." Two seconds later she said, "I love this ride!"
Blood Moon
Nick Nortons' Magic Show
Breakfast Burritos
 Playing in the!
Windmills or Aliens?
Silverwood this year was different than last time. We had more time with Kat and Jer, no little kids, and not enough time together because of conflicts in both families schedule. We did get to enjoy time with them on Friday at Silverwoood and then after the guys got back from golfing on Saturday. We left earlier than planned on Saturday because I just wasn't feeling like camping another night in a place that was so dusty and dirty and I worried that Val wouldn't get home in Time on Sunday for her FOB concert. It felt right. I packed us up Saturday morning after spending a good part of the morning discussing the meaning of Life with Kat and Valerie. Val said I was having an existential crisis when I thought I was tapping into the full use of my brain, like in limitless. I felt like the sun was shining down and the clouds were singing "ahhhhhhhhh." Never mind about the context, It just felt good having been blessed with such a moment. Next time Kat and I will have to be a little less serious. Oh maybe I can convince my family to vacation at the nudist resort we saw outside of Hayburn. That's LESS serious! 

We left on Thursday at 0800 and didn't make it to Spokane till 4p because the traffic from watershed was happening. I made yummy sandwiches going over. We checked into the Ramada Airport hotel, and although they had a slide, kid pool, inside pool, hot tub,  a large outside pool, and a free breakfast buffet with a ghost playing a piano, they still didn't win our hearts. The beds were bad, and the rooms were somewhat sleazy inside. We ate that night at Mckenzie River (Willow Creeks for 4 please) and then headed to bed to rest! Silverwood was all day Friday till 1030p, then a 50 mile treck to Haybrun Campground, and then set up a tent in the dark. Mark got up at 5am and drove back to the city for golf and then we drove back home after lunch around 330. We made it back and had everyone showered by 10p! Silverwood was fun! Wish we could've camped more and seen Kat/Jer. Next time!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Date Night

 Mark has been very busy with work lately. So we picked Tuesday night to be our date night. I wanted to do something active, but something fun as well. Also something that we've never tried before. So we loaded up Valerie's clubs and Mark's golf clubs, and went to Spanaway to hit a bucket of balls together. This was my first attempt at hitting a golf ball. It was surprisingly hard but I managed in the end to feel a bit more comfortable and the ball ended up further than just 2 feet in front of me. I've always thought that golf just isn't for me because of my big breasts ( hard to get a good swing) but it wasn't actually that hard, when I learned how to swing properly.  It was a lot of fun. After we went to The Ram for dinner. We sat in the bar and watched the end of the Mariners game and had good conversation that didn't revolve around our relationship or our inadequacies. I call that a success! I have so many insecurities that it's really hard for me to handle the whole date without questioning what he's thinking, what he's thinking of me, or how he's feeling. 

On another note Charlie found a huge bag of Legos that used to be Ethan's  and she has enjoyed putting different sets together. She does really well at following the directions, and has been having a blast. Pretty sure my dining room table is going to look like this for at least another month! The kids have done a fantastic job of staying busy, not screaming about how bored they are (last summer it was bad), and found ways to entertain themselves this summer. It makes it a lot easier on Mark and I to work and flip schedules like we do when the kids aren't complaining about being bored. We are all very excited about Silverwood in a week and a half and can't wait to spend some time with my brother, Kat and their kids!