Monday, April 13, 2015

Shakespeare Unshackled

Ryan was involved in his first play two weeks ago. Auntie was able to attend due to a LC day at work. Charlie and I rode up with my mom and dad to Lacey to see him perform. He did an excellent job. He was loud enough for everyone to hear, sang on cue, knew his part, and smiled with confidence while mastering his first performance. I was so proud of him. He was courageous and very brave (especially since Auntie was in the front row recording him/taking pictures every time he opened his mouth)! Charlie loved it but still has no desire to be involved in theater or anything where she would need to stand up and present to an audience. She is shy, and a little nervous when it comes to strangers! She didn't use to be like that so I'm hoping it's just a phase.



Saturday after work we decorated Easter eggs with the kids (we haven't done this in the last two years so we had extra kits on hand). I was tired, emotionally trained, and not feeling good at all but I bucked up, took a shower, and put my best self forward. We had fun watching how each one decorated their eggs. My artist,Valerie, chose actual paint. Ethan chose the color dyes, and Charlie chose to color hers with marker so she could have more control over what they looked like. I brought down the hair dryer and used dye colors and shrinky wraps, and Mark used a combo of dyes and markers. My favorite was my bunny, and the egg Mark made for me, the Ian Somerhalder Vamp Egg. Valerie's were all soccer related, as were Ethan's! Charlie did some copying and then some with pretty flowers on them. We colored 30 eggs which turned out to be a ton of fun! I knew at that point of being done thatI wasn't going to make it into work. My large pea salad and the drinks I had gone to the store for was our Easter Supper;)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lanie Girl

I love being an Auntie to this little girl. From the moment my eyes met hers I knew that I would always want to be there for her. Right now it's easy. To support her I just need to be present for her. She lights up when I come into a room, gives me sweet smiles, and holds my hand. I was excited to go to her preschool and watch her present her body systems project. Rocking H was really rocking that day with kids who were excited to sing and show their parents what they learned. Her body systems project was a 3rd grade project that all the kids completed! The details on each body systems was complete all the way down to the anus (which the kids actually said and sung about). Mrs Susan is my kind if gal. We have never given our kids false names for their body parts! It was so much fun listening to these kids know more than most adults.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Charlie and Willy Wonka

One of Charlie's favorite movies so I knew she would get a kick out of watching it on stage. She loved it. The Middle school did a great job in performing the play. The boy who played Willy Wonka is Charlie in real life. My shy girl even went up to Charlie after school and congratulated him of the show. Great night out with my girl.

Honor Choir Competitions

Val and Ethan have both had amazing opportunities with their choir courses lately. Val was chosen to sing in a all surrounding school competition. Mark Miller's daughter was also there from the DuPont area. She auditioned and received a solo piece. She sang for a choir director, and a smaller audience, receiving her feedback after she finished presenting her song. She is very talented and has a beautiful voice. She chose Se Tu Ma Mi as her solo. She scored a 2 (1-3) on it, and was given great feedback to help her on her signing journey. She would love to take four years of Choir but she is using her electives for Pre-med classes. We talked about maybe sending her to summer courses so that she can still be in choir. Not sure if she is interested in that option. I believe she plans for a job this summer! I thought my sister wanted her to babysit but she hasn't talked further with me about that;)

Ethan was chosen for the district wide Honor Choir for Franklin Pierce. It is always a delight to watch this because the kids/songs are incredible and the band plays well. Lagerquist
Hall is very beautiful inside and the organ at the front of the auditorium is copyrighted. The acoustics are amazing. Unfortunately your not suppose to take pictures, due to the copyright, but somehow my camera accidentally went off so I have this one and only blurry picture. We were close enough to be able to hear Ethan sing. He did great and almost won a solo performance. He looked so grown up. I can even see some fuzz growing on his upper lip. He is doing great in School this semester!

Peanut is growing up. In the past week she begged to look like Cinderella for Ethan's performance at PLU. She even wanted high heel shoes! I hesitated thinking she would wear them for two minutes and then kick them off because they hurt her feet (happens with nearly every pair of shoes I buy her), but I was wrong. She has worn the shoes two out of three days this week for school, and all day Saturday. She loves them and said I should buy some for myself. Umm, no thank-you!! She looked amazing, beautiful, and very Cinderelly (made up word by me) that night. You go girl! High Heel Powers activate!!