Monday, October 10, 2016

Google Outlook

 I've been using the Google Calendar for the past six months and I have to say that I love it. It allows me to color code events, has spontaneous pictures for things, and remembers what/where I'm supposed to be each day. Valerie and Mark has access to the calendar so about a week before hand the schedule gets pretty crazy. I wish it had a task manager because I need one of those every day! Sunday we were able to finally go to an appointment I made two weeks ago at iFly. We purchased the gift certificate two years ago for Christmas for Valerie. Geez, bad parenting huh?
     Thursday started my rotation off right by spending the day with my work family learning Epic Storkboard 2015! I tried to make it fun by charting a love child between me and Ian Somerhalder. Our baby ended up being 10lbs 7 oz and 24 inches. Yikes    This is how we felt at the end of training...ha ha ha!

 Valerie and her friends at Senior Sunrise, Spirit day, and Homecoming. She was nominated as director of the video editing homecoming class project. They filmed the homecoming game on Friday night as Franklin Pierce whooped Evergreen. She got the privledge of being in the box at the top of the bleachers with the announcers and her favorite teachers. 
 Her favorite teacher is in the Campbell Soup sweatshirt. Mr Zeiger teaches her AP US History and US Government. He is an amazing guy!
    Saturday Ethan, Charlie, and I snuck away to Ryan's soccer game in Olympia. Ethan offered up some pointers about playing in the rain, and tried to help us understand what it means by "off sides." I love watching him play. I'm finally at the ripe old age of 43 enjoying mostly all sports, soccer though is one of my favorites. Ryan is still so little but super fast out there on the field. I had to get used to the coach yelling at the team mates but in the end she balanced out her reprimands with her encouragements so it was all good. They scored quite a few goals on the other team! I did sign Ethan up for Tacoma Soccer Center so he will start indoor games again soon.   remember one super cute little girl who used to love to play soccer. She was absolutely all over the field, distracted at times, focused at times, and other times running around like a horse but enjoying the spirit of the sport nonetheless. #EPTAS
 Saturday night Shannon took Charlie for a sleepover and Mark and I went out to Oktoberfest at a coworkers barn. It was fun to hang out casually with my work family.
  Now it is Monday morning so I'd better get up since I have my mammogram at 0900! Sorry their will be no pictures of that on here. Where I go is very classy, professional, and almost spa like,  so I give them the priveledge of taking the pictures!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Every Picture Tells a Story

My baby, She's a Senior. We are busy rushing to and fro for Senior pictures, trying to meet deadlines, school senior meetings, paying for announcements, class rings, scholarship applications, ACT testing, College Applications, volunteering, all the while she is still keeping up with her 4 APclasses-homework. It is busy. Being busy is really not my strong suite. The stress of it all came crashing down yesterday when I came home to dishes in the sink at 7pm. I look back now and laugh. I wasn't laughing last night. I was yelling. Oops, super mom fail! Ethan got the most of it....a lengthy lecture on how he needs to take responsibility for himself and his homework. He wasn't doing himself a favor last night when he decided to wait till 7pm to do his homework that we had talked about at 330pm. The minute I left the house to take Valerie to Aldonza's apartment for some makeup tips, he decided it was xbox with dad time. I had to apologize to Mark later for my outburst and told him I was super stressed and that was NO excuse. I realized one thing last night. I should be celebrating Valerie this year, not bitching about how expensive it is and how she needs to be more greatful with what I can afford to give her. Bad MOM again! I am messing up this year big time. So.....

I'm going to sit in the pocket. I am going to enjoy the view from the pocket. I am going to look for opportunities where I can assist her and help her reach the end zone. I am staying in the pocket searching for ways I can celebrate her. Here is one of my ideas. I am going to do these "Every Picture Tells a Story (EPTAS)" posts. I am looking through lots of photos trying to do a project for her school so I thought I would post some and give the story behind them. Celebrating and remembering how she has impacted my life. 

Fitting to start at the beginning: EPTAS

 I was induced on March 15th 1999 for high blood pressure. It was a long day. Mark and my mom were in the room. It was a silent room as I struggled to deal with the painful contractions Pitocin pushed me through. Here I was sitting on a birthing ball, with my bag of waters broken, waiting for the next contraction. Fast forward to pushing and getting no where! You were my first c/s. I was scared, and your dad was even more scared. They helped me relax by giving me some medication after you were born.
My first look. You were beautiful, amazing, and MINE! We created you. My blonde, blue eyed, fair skinned princess. I called you Sweet Pea. You had worked so hard to come out that your little head had some length in the back that would soon resolve. I couldn't wait to hold you.
Recovery time was grueling. I was asleep for the most part but it was more like twilight sleep. I could hear everyone around me talking about you. I knew my mom had you in her arms. I wanted you, but couldn't  stay awake long enough to look at you. They eventually put you in my arms and everything felt so right in the world. The pain was gone, all I felt was the intense desire to be the best mom in the world. I loved you like none other. During the night we spent more time together. I was able to stay awake and we talked, made promises, breast fed for the first time, named you, and began my journey as YOUR mom. I also began my journey as a nurse that night. I asked our nurse how she got to her position. What I needed to do with my education to have the exact same job. I got answers, completed a blood draw that next morning without crying, and breast fed you again all during that first night.


           We had a chance to spend time with Tina and David this weekend. I spent Friday night playing Bingo with my mom, brother, Kat, Tina, David and then on Saturday we spent more time with the extended family at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It was fun getting to know David. He is quiet so maybe drinks with him and Tina alone might be a better venue for getting to know each other. The Zoo was fun though. The girls had a blast, and Charlie had a great time playing with her cousins Callen and Caleb. She brought along a pen and paper so she could draw all of the exciting animals she was seeing. We missed out on the Polar bears, but we have a plan to catch them next time. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Theater, The Theater

I've always loved the theater. I remember going to several plays with my Grandma Nagel, and I loved it. I did theater in college also. I had a roll in two plays my freshman year. I wasn't the star of the show but I did love the roles I received. I liked being a part of the theater group. It's where I felt safe, loved, and cherished for my witty personality. I've been thinking about this lately and talking to Mark about how much I miss it. Funny thing was, he thought I meant like AMC theater. I told him I wanted our family to take up the arts again and get a subscription to Seattle Rep Theater or something of that nature. Although we like the idea, we haven't chosen where to begin (mainly because expenses are tight, college deadlines are already hitting our pocket books the tune of 700.00 that I can count from the top of my head;which will be minor compared to this time next year). Tonight though we went to a "pay what you can" showing (which was bare minimum of 25.00 for all 5 of us) of The Hound of the Baskervilles at Lakewood Playhouse. It is a three person comedy.......and so worth seeing. The team of three actors did an amazing job of keeping the audience laughing and interested. We will definetly be back for future plays. The playhouse wasn't super fancy, large, or clean but the director was warm and inviting and the cast of three actors/multiple intro and extroverted characters were excellent.

Our next play will most likely be Valerie's schools rendition of Scrooge. Her theatrical debut will be outstanding I'm sure. She was given the role of Judge. She starts rehearsals tonight. Yikes, guess this trumps Volunteering tonight. I can't keep our schedules straight. She needs a Drivers License and a car.....! I force her to drive to school in the mornings when she wants me to take them early. She hates it. What teen hates driving....mine!!!

Don't worry we will survive this, we are survivors!