Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer's End

Ethan's School Picture Day

Charlie found out that she has three or more friends in her classroom
plus a classroom size of 17. Her teacher is new and seems nice!
Food Pho for the the sick...7day of a horrendous cold
Finishing school shopping and having some fun doing it.
"Gaps" Conversation over a bowl of Clam Chowder at Dukes
Pre "Gap" conversation when we were still smiling

Love the view at Duke's Chowder House
Our Wallpaper has arrived!!!

Summer is almost over! The past week has been consumed with Ford Registration/Picture day/supply purchasing, Harvard's meet your teacher day, returning to golf practices for Valerie, a study session for Advanced AP students, purchasing school supplies, clothes, and shoes! I am excited for the kids to get into a routine and not stuck in the house bugging each other!I think we are prepared. A little over the summer helps to keep the cost down to a minimum but having three children really weighs heavy on our pocketbooks. Tomorrow is Labor Day. We don't know what the plans are yet but I'm sure it means working out for me, and probably a get together at G&G's for some food and fun.  I need to have all the rascals ready for bed and clean no later than 2030.  It is 240 in the morning and I am still up, unable to sleep. It might have been the 65 minutes on the treadmill tonight! I hear Mark stirring around so I best hurry this up and finish what I started. I can't wait for Tuesday to come, not only does that mean my house will stay clean, food will remain in the fridge, but it will also mean Fall is coming. Love, love, love fall. Love the colors, smells, and food Fall brings to life.

Movies I have watched recently (since I don't spend my time reading):

Blended- Okay but kind of normal for the actor/actress. Same genre they always do.
What If- Wonderful love story that reminds me of times past, plus Daniel Radcliffe is amazing.
The Giver- Filming was beautiful, the scenes meticulous, and the storyline perfect, as was the ending (they did that for me Christopher Slaughter). I actually didn't mind Jeff Bridges in this movie, and would've enjoyed some more time with his character.
The Hundred Foot Journey- I felt that I was there in the kitchen, cooking Helen Mirren an omelet (or least I wish I was).
Neighbors- I have never laughed so hard. Totally wanted to be the hip parents like Seth Rogen, and Rose Bryne portrayed in this movie. Now I just drive a mini-van....parenting changes us. At least I got a good laugh from these two.
Noah- Actually I loved the portrayal of this classic Biblical story. Different than what I grew up with but probably a better story line than mine. I love the Angels, although they were very similar to the tree people in Lord of The Rings. I still say we all arrived here from incest, no matter how you look at it.
Take This Waltz- Very indie type filming with lots of time to capture what the main character was trying to say apart from speaking. Beautifully filmed and also stars Seth Rogen. Caution, don't watch unless your prepared to actually think and contemplate life. I spent nearly three hours talking about this subject with a friend, and also had a pretty good fight with my husband over our "gaps." My favorite quote (of which there are many) in this movie is Geraldine saying: "Life has a gap in it, it just does. You don't go crazy trying to fill it..." Also I love the quote by Margot (to Daniel): "I want to know what you do to me."

Monday, August 18, 2014

All Work and Play

I spent my morning and afternoon in the garden/backyard! I weeded, harvested, transplanted, and trimmed the bushes. I filled the yard waste bucket for Thursday! I harvested all the carrots, potatoes, chives, and
Basil. So excited to make pesto and a veggie tray for the kids tomorrow. After all my hard work, we spent a couple hours over at Uncle Mike's pool for relaxation!!

Sumner Days

Car show and Danny Vernon in Sumner proved to be very fun, noisy, and super hot. I saw my favorite Mrs Vicki from work there, and we ran across my Uncle Mike who I haven't seen in awhile so that was a pleasant surprise to the day. My dad wants to buy my Uncle's car but I think my mom might put a bounty on his head if he even comes close to thinking it could be his! Funny watching those mom would never follow through with her threats but my dad seems to think she would! As it should be!!

Danny was a nice change of music from what pipes in the car speakers lately. Our 15 year old thinks she's introducing us to new music, but The Beastie Boys and Blue Suede have been around forever! Because of Mark I can actually talk music with her. "Sure I know the Beastie Boys and Salt n Pepper!" Can't wait for our family to watch Linkin Park together in September!

We caught lunch at Pick Quick and the home for some R and R!

Renaissance Times

Mark purchased us tickets to the Renaissance Fair in Sumner Saturday. We had a great time watching jousting, seeing the Queen of England, browsing all the goods in the market place, watching a man make cider, bread making in a stone over, watching an old time Punch and Judy puppet show, throwing axes, and peeking into the lifestyle of this time period. Next time we go we will let the kids dress up! So much fun. After Valerie was begging for some money (apparently she thought she would by another snake) so Mark took her up on it and asked me out on a date. We went to see The Giver, and then to Applebee's for some hearty grog and snackies! Awesome day...thanks hon!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


First off in my stretch. The girls and I went to the airport to pick up my brother and his girlfriend Kat. We got there a little early so we went to the Tyee Golf course parking lot and picked blackberries while we watched the airplanes fly right over our heads! Great times...