Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bye Bye Brace Face

We started on this journey in October 2012. The journey was filled with lots of appointments, tears, arguments, monthly bills, and the other day we added joy and celebration. On Thursday Valerie got her braces off. We are so proud of her. She had a slight setback during the appointment when she found out her bottom retainer will forever be there, and that she has to wear her upper retainer constantly for the first 8 weeks. Her smile returned when they gave her a bag full of "no-no" candies, popcorn, and peanuts that she was banned from having the past two years. For the most part she is happy. Her teeth look fabulous! Beautiful smile for a beautiful girl! Right after her braces were removed she had a choir concert. I love her concerts, so good!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Helping Hand

Mrs Bowlby asked me to Volunteer today for Christmas Craft Day. I ended up at the painting table, which could've been extremely bad! The kids did a great job of painting. They had an example in front of them but most of the kids elaborated on their own masterpieces. Very talented children. They did three Christmas craft in just two hours. I loved helping out and have plans to return soon.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Fishmen

Everywhere I go! I was so worried about going to WOF because I had not shopped for Christmas nor had we decorated, or purchased a tree. I knew it would put me behind by two weeks. Thankfully my smart husband decided we were using our old Christmas tree to save money this year. He even brought all the decorations in, put up the tree, strung the lights, and decorated the living room. I LOVE him for that. He took all my worry away! I even had a chance at WOF to buy presents for the kids. I found the perfect gift for Mark the other day so Christmas is no longer stressing me out. Heck, we've even wrapped all our gifts that we've purchased. Val has purchased all her own gifts and Ethan is working on earning money for his. We've devised a new plan by having him show us his assignments every night and if he does he earns $2.00/night. We hope this will motivate him. He starts back on his meds Tuesday and is currently taking mini meds to help his focus. I see a huge difference when he takes them. He has a concert this week in Seattle and I am chaperoning but only if he can catch himself up by then! His Eighth grade concert was last week, and Val's is this week.