Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Camping

Family camping happens once and year and boy is it full of excitement! Charlie packed for this camping trip on Monday, and counted down each day till we left on Friday. She packed four dresses, underwear, and pj's. Apparently she needs more camping trips so she knows what to pack.

We had a great time. The sites, although out in the middle were clean, and large. There was a nice green belt behind us where the kids could play. Each family took turns cooking the meals, except mom and dad. Their jobs were to relax and have fun watching the grand kids ride bikes, play ball, fish, and cook s'mores.

My favorite thing was the hike. The woods were beautiful, the covered bridge mysterious, and watching the kids away from electronics, exciting. We even spent a few minutes in town at a car show. Val found her dream car, the 1967 Chevy Impala!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Way Way Back

May 2014. The Abston Cup reunion was again a highlight of the year for everyone! The kids love seeing, playing, and catching up with their cousins. The adults love the relax time we get talking, playing cards, games, eating and golfing. We had new winners this year as well. Having a golf handicap helped to announce the new winner. Mark and I even had a chance to go down to the beach together and take a stroll by ourselves. I purchased a new Coach purse and nothing else. Valerie bought a new scarf from North Face. It is a beautiful scarf that I may have to borrow. We traveled to Lincoln City again this year but next year I heard it will most likely be close by us.

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Place of Rest

We are finally getting to the point where we are focusing our creative energies on our bedroom. My goal was to have our bedroom done before our anniversary but time (see last post) got in our way! I did however solicit help from My Mother In Law to start my journey. We painted this monster room in one day (minus two small walls that are getting wallpapered). I have some touch up to do but as before, NO TIME! Even the paint rollers and buckets haven't moved from the middle of the sitting room floor. Ha, that just might be MY LAZINESS! The colors are a teal/blue and grayish brown. The blue and I have been fighting since I applied it to our walls but Im hoping it will win. As for those two naked walls, NO PAPER yet! Mark thought we could go get paper and put it up in a days time, turns out that YOU CAN'T. I have gone and looked at books and books of wallpaper, and do know that I like a lot of Candice Olson designs. Samples are 5.99 and so I haven't put much effort into buying one because I want to make sure Mark likes it too. Below are some examples. Furniture will be another expense too. IKEA had some great pieces and am excited to mentally place them around our room. We have a large room so lots of furniture is needed to fill our space. We even thought of putting this awesome sectional couch (below) across from our bed. We would NEVER leave our room! We also have to find a recliner loveseat for our sitting room. No wonder I left this room for the end...

On the flip side of busy let me just say, it isn't all busy boring stuff around here. I was able to carve out a full day of pampering again with my friends from work and enjoyed a day of mani/pedi's, lunch, and then drinks back at my girlfriends house in Lacey! My friends are the BEST!!! I promptly then came home and picked up Charlie from school, ran over to Ethan's track meet, came home and ate, took Valerie to school for her choir rehearsal, and then came home and showered the youngest, went to the Choir Concert, dropped the car back off at moms, came home and packed Charlie and half of my stuff, laid down and fell asleep at 10p exhausted. Mark does this crazy schedule with the kids when I am working, and I am forever grateful for his hard work,and very much fully understand why he is so tired during my work week.