Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Resident Camper

Charlie's first year at camp. She was a little apprehensive, but very excited. It helped to have Jax and Ryan go to camp with her. I didn't think it would be as hard as it was, not having her around here for a week. We missed her like crazy, and every day I just wanted to go pick her up. I do remember feeling the same way when I sent Valerie to camp for the first time when she was entering third-grade. Charlie did great. The first thing she said to me was "Mom, don't worry I'm okay now but I drownded the first day, it was when I was taking my swimming test." It was funny to hear, and NO she was no where near drowning during her test. Apparently her hair, which she refused to braid all week long, got in her face and she got nervous and started sputtering so they pulled her out of the deep end as she was attempting her swim test!✌๐ŸปShe's always ready to prove her independence to someone, it just didn't work out that day. She had a great time, met some new friends, played some new games; dirt boarding, archery, shuffleboard, mini golf, and an inverted game of four square that used pvc piping and a balloon ball that you hit a over your head. She must've missed us at some point because we did get ONE postcard that said she was having fun. We sent her a package with a mermaid blanket and necklace, and another with candy and snacks. She even had to do a Polar plunge for her goodies. Bah ha ha!!! She loved the freedom of PoP's Inn and being able to use her own free time however she wanted. She grew in her walk with God and in her own Self Confidence. I love this girl and am so glad she's home in ONE piece.


Fourth of July

            Our Fourth of July included foot golf, geocaching, and lots and lots of fireworks! I Have to say, that the round of foot golf with our family and my brothers' kids was the highlight of my day. Even though there was pouting/complaining in the beginning, a few tears in the middle of the course (my teen) and some frustrations at the ending scores (between the little ones) we had a great time and would love to do it again soon! After foot golf we took the kids to Steilacom Park and geocached for an hour. We found one in a graveyard, all ghostly like. One near a tree, that Shakespeare would have loved to sit under and nothing on this poor tractor that was nearly dismantled trying to find the cache. We did go back another day and find the cache with Chris. Or in actuality he found the cache! We don't like the feeling of leaving a cache if we didn't find it! After grabbing food from Winco we headed to my brothers house for the fireworks show!๐ŸŽ‡

Information for next year: Jeremy buys way too many so curve your enthusiasm and buy just a few!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Friendly Fun

When I write posts I seriously don't include every picture I take. These are just a small portion of them. We finished the second day with the Slaughters in Vancouver. My pedometer closed nearly 14000 steps that day. We walked all over Stanley Park and visited the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. The views from the bridge were beautiful but we had a ton of fun crossing the river to Geocache (thank goodness Chris helped me across-I was worried that my phone would get wet) and hiking up to where they cliff jump off the rocks into the water below. I think by the end of the weekend we had found 18-19 caches. 

Chris and Kourtney are gone now. This past Thursday-Friday we had our last adventures together. We took the kids Geocahing in DuPont and did the Paul Bunyon cache series and went to the Bite of Seattle. At
The Bite we ate:
Alligator on a stick
Potato and Cheese pierogi 
Fried Octopus 
Bacon wrapped jalepeno poppers
Mako shark jerky
Python jerky
Lebanese garlic fries
Poki rice bowl
Chicken strips
Bibimap taco
Spam sushi
Egg rolls

We all four pretty much shared everything! It was yummy food. I was disappointed that more weren't involved in having a Bite at every booth. Apparently because some of the vendors are small, they are not required to have Bites for sale.

The day after, on Saturday, when I went to pick up pumpkin from camp, Mark and Chris hung out in Tukwilla and found 23 more geocaches! I made yummy chili from Remlinger Farms, washed my baby from head to toe and then took a nap with her for two hours! It was heaven!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Saturday with the Slaughters

The Seattle Public Library
               What an awesome weekend! We had so much fun hanging out with the Slaughters. We finally caught the Geocaching bug, and because we are premium members now we can Geocache with anyone. Mark logged all our geocaches that we have done in the past with the Slaughters so we have quite a few under our belt. We met them downtown on Saturday, and played all day. We went to Pike Street, Gum Wall, Seattle Center, Kerry Park, and then to Salty's on Alki Point. We stayed at the W Hotel in Seattle where they stayed. Our room was awesome, and it was upgraded to a suite. There was a long hallways inside our room that led to the bedroom. It was decorated very retro 1970's! Before bed we hung out in their room drinking wine and talking about every subject we could think of. Mark and I ended up going to bed around 4am. We actually had a great conversation after we left their room. I'm so proud of us lately! I am trying to remember (especially when I am hurt by an action or non action) that instead of being silent about my feelings I need to share them and give him a chance to tell me if his reaction truly meant what I think it did. It got a little heated for a second but then I think that we both understood each other in the end. We are sooo different in some aspects of life and sometimes those differences mean a completely different thing which wasn't necessarily intended. I love you, Honey!